Deliver Higher Quality

Improve quality and get faster delivery for free.


Simian: Drive quality from definition to done
Simple, natural language specifications that integrate the business and development workflows.

Chimp: Automated testing for developers, by developers
OSS library that installs everything a developer needs to write automated end-to-end and acceptance tests.


Agile & BDD Enablement
Consulting and training to unlock the potential of BDD for your team.

Technical Delivery Consulting
Delivery strategy that will sustainably increase the productivity of your entire team and give you confidence in your releases.

Developer Automated Testing Training
Team or 1-1 tuition on all aspects of test automation

Who We Help

We currently partner with large enterprises, digital agencies and startups, both in person and online.

" laid the foundation for all of our testing and it has allowed us to ship tremendously faster"

Jon Perl. CTO. Dispatch

About us

Sam Hatoum. Founder.

Technology and Delivery

Sam is a software delivery consultant with over 14 years of experience. He has helped organizations such as the BBC and Audi of America speed up their delivery and improve quality through culture, process and tooling changes.

He draws his methods from his experience in Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking and industry best practices, and focuses them on making the most impactful changes that an organization needs.

Sam is an active open source contributor. He is the author of Chimp.js, a modern acceptance testing framework, and is also the author of The Meteor Testing Manual.

Linked In: samhatoum 
Twitter: @sam_hatoum
Medium: @sam_hatoum
GitHub: @samhatoum


Chris Guest. Co-founder.

Product and Growth

Chris is a product and marketing strategy expert with more than 15 years experience at the forefront of digital in both London and San Francisco.  His portfolio of work represents the full digital spectrum, including all aspects of digital and social marketing, product strategy and service design.  He has led digital strategy and delivery for many of the world's most prestigious brands, including Audi of America, Activision, Visa, DIRECTV, Fiat, Ferrari, McLaren Automotive, Mercedes-Benz and many more.

Chris combines this enterprise and global brand experience with the latest thinking in Lean Startup principles to help companies find and prove product/market fit for digital products and services.  

Linked In: chrisguest
Twitter: @guesto
Medium: @guesto