Simian. Cloud software to simplify and automate your BDD workflow.

65% of software defects are caused in the specification and design phases of a project due to misunderstanding between the product team and the tech team. 


Behavior-driven development ("BDD") solves this problem by:

  1. Encouraging your business stakeholders,  developers and testers to collaboratively produce well-thought-out specifications that leave less room for defects. These specifications are written in natural language and address the needs of everyone involved from the sponsors to the end-users.
  2. Providing this to developers and testers as the "definition of done" from which to develop, write automated acceptance tests and perform manual testing.
  3. Providing the whole team with a single source of truth of the software specifications that is always up-to-date throughout your product lifecycle.

Simian is the business-friendly cloud interface that simplifies collaborative writing of specs and integrates them into your development team's existing workflow.


Simple collaborative authoring gets your whole team on the same page.

Like Google Docs for BDD specs, Simian enables multiple stakeholders to co-author and discuss requirements both in real-time and offline until agreement is achieved. 

Agreed specification drives development

One button synchronizes Simian specifications into your teams source control repository and workflow management tools.

Feature acceptance status reported inline with specification.

Simian connects to your automated acceptance tests to report the progress and status of each feature alongside where it is written in real-time.


Single Source of truth for specifications

No more losing specs in old or closed tickets. Simian unites the team through a single interface that both business and technical people will want to use. Even late development-stage changes to specifications are synchronized back to Simian.

Single workflow

Simian integrates with any developer workflow, requiring little or no changes to your teams technical stack and tool choices.


Know the state of your system

Increase confidence in the product quality by knowing that the end result of the system is working as expected.


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