While We've Been Away...

It's has been almost 2 years since we've blogged on here, and a lot has happened since. Here's a quick rundown since we last posted...

RTD Becomes Velocity

When we built our first production grade Meteor application in 2012, the testing landscape was baron and we did not have many choices. So we built our own testing framework that worked in tandem with Meteor and ran unit and acceptance tests every time you saved a file. Almost a year later in April 2014, we joined forces with the community and deprecated RTD to give life to Velocity, which took all the lessons learnt from RTD, as well as the other community frameworks, and united the testing landscape. The MDG endorsed Velocity as the "official testing framework for Meteor" and it's still going strong today.

Find out more about Velocity.

The Meteor Testing Manual

Recognizing that testing Meteor apps is a new art, we set out to teach people how to properly test their Meteor applications. This book covers all aspects of Meteor testing concepts and techniques ranging from the very basics and fundamentals of testing,  all the way to setting up continuous integration build pipelines. The book is still in production, but is open for sales at a discounted rate, so that developers can start benefiting from the immediately, as well as new content as it is added.

Find out more about The Meteor Testing Manual.

Jonas Aschenbrenner Joins Xolv.io

Jonas played an instrumental role in the Velocity story and wrote the impressive Meteor Jasmine framework. He is an expert technical architect and is not afraid to delve into the most challenging of problems. He not only represents technical capability himself, but also access to additional technical reach in Europe, and with that comes our ability to operate across timezones.

Find out more about Jonas's Jasmine Framework.

Chimp (Open Source)

The aim of chimp is simple: To allow developers to easily write end-to-end acceptance tests. 

Typically end-to-end frameworks are tricky to setup. There are many moving parts to manage and there aren't many standards to follow since the parts that live within the end-to-end boundary are unique to every company or project. 

We designed Chimp to take away the pain of all the common aspects of end-to-end testing and added some serious process management that make writing robust automation code a pleasurable experience.  

Find out more about Chimp.


Our flagship product was born to smooth the transition from requirements capture to delivered software and is now nearing completion.  

Simian unites the business and technology domains by facilitating collaboration, maintaining a single source of truth for specifications, and increasing quality through test automation. It integrates with your existing workflows and tools.

The beta version of Simian is open for free trial right now, so come and check it out.

Find out more about Simian.

Now available for consulting

We aim to remove the barriers that stand in the way of an innovator delivering value to their customers, and we do this both by creating software and consulting with teams on flexible terms.  Our new website describes a few ways our consulting can help: 

These offering descriptions are based on feedback from customers of what can be most valuable, but really if you are any less than 100% confident in your team's ability to deliver quality products quickly, we should talk.  

We are available in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, or by web conferencing to anywhere else. So get in touch, we would love to talk.

Cheers.  Sam.