The Meteor Testing Manual Welcomes Testing With Meteor Readers

Differential and came to an agreement to migrate all users of the Testing with Meteor book to The Meteor Testing Manual.

I had the pleasure of talking with Differential last week. Following their decision to suspend authoring of their Testing with Meteor book, we agreed a way forward to migrate their existing users to The Meteor Testing Manual.

Any users that have purchased the book and are not already a user on this site will be granted free access to this book. Any users that have purchased both books will receive a free copy of the premium version of The Meteor Testing Manual when it is released. And of course anyone that wishes a refund can also do so by contacting Differential.

You may recall that Josh Owens of meteor club was one of the authors of the book. Josh and I are both on the core Velocity team and are working closely together on VelocityCucumber and are also running courses together. More details on that subject to follow.

So a big thank you to Differential for allowing me the opportunity to serve my new users, and a huge welcome to you all :)