Super-fast 3rd generation reactive testing for everyone (not just Meteor)

We created RTD in 2012, the first reactive testing framework for Meteor. Next we built Velocity in 2013 as a community effort and took reactive testing in Meteor to the next level. Today, we're announcing super-fast 3rd generation reactive testing for everybody!

Our Chimp npm package allows you to run automated acceptace tests on any application that uses Javascript, which is every web application.

Chimp is packed with features that create a painless and seamless developer experience. Here's what you get:

Reactive Testing

As soon as you save changes to a spec, Chimp runs in an instant. You can also add adhoc directories to watch.

For Meteor apps: If you change your application files, Chimp will detect the hot-code deployment and reruns in an instant. All of this is happneing without Velocity.

Synchronous Testing

No callback hells or promise headaches, we took the original WebdriverIO and made it synchronous! So you can write easy-to-read tests.

For Meteor apps: We also wrapped the node DDP library and made that synchronous. This means you can do a server call, then a client call, then a server call then an assertion from an opto-decoupled test.

Contextual Objects In Your Specs

Within the context of your steps, you get a client object. This is a pre-configured WebdriverIO instance that you can use to control the front-end using ANY browser.

You also get a request object that allows you to test REST api's or to use data fixtures over HTTP.

For Meteor apps, you also get a server object is a pre-connected DDP instance. This allows you to test Meteor methods and publications or to use data fixtures.

Remote Code Execution

WebdriverIO already comes with a method called client.execute, which runs code on the client.

For Meteor apps: We added a server.execute method that does exactly the same thing as the client. This means you can employ some seriously advanced test-driving techniques, like Modelling by Example for instance.

Use Mocha Or Cucumber (Jasmine soon)

Choose the testing framework what you're most comfortable with and enjoy the same benefits in all of them.

Unique Watch Mode

Put an @focus tag on the spec you're running and Chimp will repeatedly run the specs that have that tag in --watch mode. This means you can stay hyper-focused on the task at hand, and move on once you get green results.

Out Of The Box Continuous Integration Support

We've tested Chimp on Circle, Travis and CodeShip where it can run on real browsers. Of course, you can always use a service like SauceLabs too since that's also supported out of the box.

Tight Integration With Simian

Simian helps teams collaboratively create specifications. It's like Google Docs for your specs. Chimp integrates with Simian by posting back results from CI and letting your team know the exact status of your features.

Intelligent Session Manager

When your your specs re-run reactively, it reuses the existing open browser serssion as not to produce an annoying window pop-up. This feature is unique to Chimp.

The List Goes On

We at are commited to helping teams deliver higher quality, faster. We wrote Chimp to help developers (including us) to write awesome automated acceptance tests and bake quality into applications from the outset. We use Chimp everyday and we love to share our work with the community.

Have a look at Chimp, or browser our GitHub repository (and give us a star!)