Chimp.js by is the recommended acceptance testing framework for Meteor 1.3

San Francisco. Thursday March 31st 2016

Meteor, the Javascript app platform has endorsed Chimp by as the recommended end-to-end testing product for Meteor users this week. The endorsement is now reflected within the updated Meteor guide and in the comments of MDG leader Tom Coleman.

"We recommend Chimp in the Meteor testing guide because it's an amazing tool to iterate quickly on acceptance tests for any web application, but even more for a Meteor app!"

Tom Coleman, Meteor Development Group - @tmeasday

Chimp is rapidly growing in popularity as a free, Open Source tool that offers developers:

  • Simplest ever setup - Just downloading and configuring the tools needed for end-to-end acceptance tests used to be very cumbersome for developers. Chimp replaces all of this and just one npm command that installs everything that a developer needs to start creating complex end-to-end and acceptance tests.
  • Realtime End-to-end testing - Chimp enables for E2E and acceptance tests what was previously only possible for unit tests. With Chimp, developers can get completely super fast test feedback, which leads to super fast development.
  • Mocha, Jasmine and Cucumber - Chimp supports the three most popular test languages.
  • Node.js as well as Meteor - In addition to being the recommended automated testing tool for Meteor, Chimp is not restricted and can be used with any application that has a web UI, from Angular to Cordova.

While Chimp is not only for Meteor, it is fair to say it is born out of the Meteor community, as the creators - founder Sam Hatoum (@sam_hatoum) and cofounder Jonas Aschenbrenner (@Sanjox) are two of the original architects of Meteor's previous test frameworks, including RTD and Velocity.

I am delighted that the MDG has chosen to recommend Chimp as recommended tool for end to end and acceptance tests. For me, this demonstrates not only the strength of Chimp, but also the growth and maturity of Meteor as a serious contender for Enterprise software development.

Sam Hatoum, Founder, - @sam_hatoum

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