Xolv.io. The innovation enablement company.


We are inspired by the power of innovation to create change for customers and we believe nothing should stand in the way of progress.  

So we identify the barriers that might slow the delivery of your innovation to your customers, and create software and consulting to overcome them.


BDD: Behavior-Driven Development

Up to 65% of software defects are introduced in the specification and design phase due to misunderstanding.

So we provide BDD software and consulting that unites business and technical teams around a single source of executable specifications.


Simian: Drive quality from definition to done
Simple, natural language specifications feeds developer workflow.

Chimp: Instant BDD developer environment setup
OSS library installs everything a developer needs  in just 3 commands.


BDD Enablement
Consulting and training to unlock the potential of BDD for your team.

Test Automation

Up to 60% of developer hours are spent fixing defects discovered late in the process. 

So we provide software and consulting that enables developers to build quality assurance into code from the outset.


Meteor Testing Manual
The definitive guide to end-to-end testing for Meteor developers

Meteor Cucumber: BDD the Meteor way
Write executable specifications with this Meteor-specific port of the popular Cucumber tool


Test Strategy Consulting
Create a testing culture in your dev team, gain confidence in your products

Developer test training
Team or 1-1 tuition on all aspects of test automation

About us

We are innovation obsessed entrepreneurs and technologists based in San Francisco and Munich.

Our mission is to "Eliminate the problematic and mundane so that the interesting may flourish."  

In other words, everything we do is focussed on removing any barrier that you may encounter in your journey to deliver innovation to your customers.  We have selected our areas of focus by drawing from our world-class experience of delivering high innovation projects for some of the world's most respected brands, including Audi, Nike, Sky, The BBC and many more.

We have created software that is used by thousands of developers and millions of their customers.  We are founder of Velocity, the official testing framework for Meteor and are proud to advocate for the Meteor platform based on it's superior ability to build apps faster than ever.

Find out more about our co-founders and get in touch.  We would love to hear from you.

Sam, Jonas and Chris.