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Product and Growth Strategy Consulting.

Strategic Services

  • Vision Setting and Brand Strategy

  • Customer Development and Research

  • Product Strategy

  • Service Design

  • Growth Strategy 

  • Cross-Channel Go-To Market Launch Strategy

  • Product Management

  • Metrics and Measurement

We combine the best of Product Strategy, Growth Strategy and Lean Startup* Innovation with years of experience in Product Management, Service Design and Marketing Strategy.  

Within this, we have a particular focus on helping you create more valuable products that grow and thrive into becoming the future of your business.  We do this by optimizing everything for achieving Product/Market Fit, and you can read more about this on Medium here.

We are available on freelance rates and flexible terms, ranging from a few hours to a few months, and work either in person in the San Francisco Bay Area, or remotely to anywhere else in the world via online channels.

We help your awesome idea become an awesome business by optimizing for Product/Market Fit.

Who we work with

Marketing Agencies

Build the your future of your client's business with products, services and experiences that sustain and grow long after the launch campaign ends.

Product Agencies

Find out how to commercialize your product and unlock the market opportunities for your clients.


Establish genuine traction with your customers and create proof of your potential for investment.


Have confidence in your innovation process and stay relevant with customers by delivering new products they love.

Active Clients

“Chris has an amazing grasp on all aspects of Digital Product and Marketing Strategy and seems to have prior experience and frameworks that allow him to add an enormous amount of value very quickly."

Garrick Schmitt. Cofounder,


  • Reduced Risk: 
    Discover earlier if concepts are unlikely to be successful
  • Greater confidence: 
    Use a more scientific approach to validate ideas and garner evidence to support decisions
  • Greater scale of success: 
    If chance of success exists, find more ways to unlock and maximize returns for all stakeholders
  • Evolve your culture of innovation: 
    Learn new processes and techniques that enable more successful output for the future

More than 15 years consulting for many of the world's most prestigious brands.

About the Lead Consultant


Chris Guest

Chris has more than 15 years experience, working at the intersection of product strategy and marketing strategy for many of the world's most prestigious brands, including Audi, Activision, DIRECTV, Fiat, Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Verizon, Visa and many more.   His portfolio of work spans Product and Service Design, Enterprise Websites and Web Platforms, integrated (through-the-line) and pure digital launch campaigns, social media and measurement.   Chris has experience of working both as an individual contributor or within a team, and has led multi-disciplinary teams of up to 100 people and projects ranging from a few days to 18 months in duration.

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*The Lean Startup from Eric Ries