Chimp - Open Source software that simplifies automated acceptance testing for developers.

A well configured developer workflow boosts productivity by building quality into code at source.  But the plethora of open source tools and configuration needed to get started can be overwhelming, even for seasoned developers.

Chimp makes end-to-end and acceptance testing easier for developers by taking away all the pain associated with setting up test-automation tools and allowing developers to focus on automating specs and building-in quality. Whether you want to do TDD or BDD with DDD, Chimp is super flexible and can be used with any web application stack.


Live watch-mode development

Chimp continuously watches your files system and reruns the scenario you are working on anytime the source code or specifications change.

Integrates Industry Strength Tools 

Chimp integrates Jasmine, Mocha or Cucumber with Selenium and WebdriverIO to seamlessly work together without you having to lift a finger. 

Synchronous Testing

No more callbacks or promises, you can write all your browser automation tests in an easy-to-read and maintain syntax.



By continuously rerunning the specification you are working on, Chimp helps you maintain focus on the task at hand until you make the test cases pass. When you are done, you check in your changes and move on to the next specification.

Faster Development

Chimp does all the heavy-lifting of configuring and managing the tools needed for acceptance testing, like managing browser sessions, so you can focus on delivering high quality code and test automation.

Real-time feedback as you code

Chimp manages browser sessions and provides you with instant visual feedback as well as console output, allowing you to quickly fix errors at development time.

Chimp seamlessly integrates with:

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npm install -g chimp
I have been working with Chimp for a while now and I must say it really makes me develop faster!
— Proactive feedback from Chimp user

Developer Test Training

Individual and team training for developers now available from the author of Chimp.

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Full detailed documentation, quick start guides and advice available.

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