Meteor Testing Manual. The comprehensive guide to testing Meteor applications.

Meteor is one of the most exciting and fastest growing new technology platforms of today, offering lighting fast development of apps from JavaScript.  To benefit from Meteor’s potential for commercial-grade software, you need to learn how to protect valuable code with automated tests.


The Meteor testing manual is the definitive  resource for learning how to master testing for developers using the Meteor platform.
The Meteor Testing Manual.  The definitive guide to Test-Driven Development in Meteor.


Test theory and principles from basic to advanced

The book starts at the most basics testing techniques, and progresses to leading edge testing practices.

Multimedia learning by example

The book includes visual representations of testing concepts as well as working code examples that you can try and learn from at your own pace.

Authoritative and comprehensive Meteor focus

The Meteor Testing Manual is written by the Velocity core team, which is the officially endorsed testing framework for Meteor.


Valuable resource for all developers, not just Meteor developers

The testing theory and practices described within the book are applicable for all developers looking to learn testing concepts, even if you only dabble in Meteor itself.

Stay on top of emerging practices

New content is being added all the time and existing content and discussions are continuously updated as new practices emerge.

Become a Meteor testing master

As a cutting edge technology, Meteor is the perfect opportunity to trial and learn the most advanced Test-Driven Development (TDD) practices and the Meteor Testing Manual teaches you how.

About the author

Sam Hatoum is the founder of and the architect behind Velocity, the official testing solution for Meteor 1.0. He is also the author of RTD, the first fully featured testing framework for Meteor which sported unit and acceptance using both Jasmine and Mocha, with end-to-end code coverage, CucumberJS and continuous integration support. Sam has talked about Velocity and about RTD at two Meteor dev-shops and is an active contributor to the community.

Pre-Release Version.

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This book is a work in progress but I still get a lot of value out of the content. The author is allowing readers to comments and questions to each chapter which helps improve the content over time.
— @shrop

Developer Test Training

Individual and team training for developers now available from the author of the Meteor Testing Manual.

Test Strategy Consulting

Work directly with Sam Hatoum to craft a testing strategy and roadmap for your applications and teams.

Learn about Velocity

Discover the popular real-time development product created by the team and the community for Meteor.