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65% of software defects are caused in the specification and design phases of a project due to misunderstanding between the product team and the tech team. 


Behavior-driven development ("BDD") solves this problem by:

  1. Encouraging your business stakeholders, designers, developers and testers to collaboratively produce well-thought-out specifications that leave less room for defects. These specifications are written in natural language and address the needs of everyone involved from the sponsors to the end-users.
  2. Providing specifications to developers and testers as the "definition of done" from which to develop, write automated acceptance tests and perform manual testing.
  3. Providing the whole team with a single source of truth of the software specifications that is always up-to-date throughout your product lifecycle.

XSpecs is the team-wide interface that enables collaborative writing of specifications and integrates them into your development team's existing workflow and tools.


Simple collaborative authoring gets your whole team on the same page.

XSpecs enables multiple stakeholders to co-author and discuss requirements until agreement is achieved. 

Synchronized view across your tools.

Confidently drive development with specifications in your workflow management tools, knowing that developers see the same specifications in the code base (and vice versa).

Automated tests as acceptance criteria.

The results of your automated test runs are integrated right into your ticketing system. This allows you to see which specifications are working and which are not for all new work.


Single source of truth for specifications

No more losing specifications in old or closed tickets. XSpecs uses the team's code repository as the source of truth. Even development-stage changes to specifications are synchronized back to tools.


XSpecs seamlessly integrates with any process and workflows, requiring little or no changes to your teams processes and practices, technical stacks and tool choices.


Deep integration with your Atlassian tools.

XSpecs has been built from the ground up to seamlessly integrate your existing tools such as JIRA and Confluence. You can see live test results within your JIRA tickets and have documentation that does not go out of date in Confluence.

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