Agile and Behaviour Driven Development Enablement.

Agile & Behavior-Driven Development (“BDD”) offers teams the potential to deliver higher quality, faster. But knowing how and where to start to implement the practice can be difficult.

Whether you aim to apply Agile & BDD practices to an existing team and process, or start afresh, our Enablement consulting gets your team, technology and processes setup and running to quickly and efficiently realize the potential of Agile & Behavior-Driven Development.

How we do it


  • Listen and understand your goals and objectives for implementing Agile & BDD
  • Listen to you and your team to understand your current delivery strengths and weaknesses
  • Review your technical stack and code base
  • Work collaboratively with team leads to create initial story architecture (Features and scenarios)


  • Teach “Deliberate Discovery” (Also known as "the 3 amigos approach”) to ensure comprehensive understanding within your team
  • Coach your team to write high quality scenarios
  • Train & mentor your developers how to write test automation code around the scenarios
  • Show how to collect the right metrics such as lead and cycle times
  • Demonstrate how to successfully integrate continuous integration and automated deployments


  • Teach best practices for a lasting BDD practice
  • Demonstrate how to use industry standard OSS tools such as Cucumber and Selenium
  • Demonstrate how to use our purpose-built BDD tools like XSpecs and Chimp and integrate into your business workflows
  • Share know-how in writing robust and stable test suites that survive UI changes

Throughout the process we will operate at every level within your organization, with the objective of enabling you and your team to be completely autonomous, at which point we withdraw.

Capabilities delivered

  • Deliberate discovery - or the 3 amigos process - reduces defects resulting from misunderstanding and oversight
  • Team knowledge of how to create high quality stories, features and scenarios
  • Techniques such as example mapping and modeling by example
  • Create a culture of understanding, where the whole team is empowered to question and contribute
  • Create an understanding of how to structure Agile & BDD to operate at scale and in the long term

How we can partner with you

  • We are always happy to talk with for free by phone or video call to understand your needs and see if we can help. Just contact us to request a call
  • We are happy to configure both hours per week and duration of agreement to fit your needs and budget
  • We always aim to enable and hand-back capability to your team as soon as possible