Intensive Testing Course for development teams

We offer a carefully crafted 2-day intensive training course that gives your team the technical skills required to write automated tests. The course starts with the very basic foundations of testing and iteratively builds up to more advanced topics.

Each topic combines theory and practice as well as an open Q&A session to ensure attendees gain a solid understanding.

Based on the skill level of you and your team, you can choose to take just one of the days below or both together. The topics covered in the two days are as follows:

Day 1 - Foundations

Why Test

Why testing is important and the benefits it brings to developers and the product.

The Fundamentals of Testing

The lifecycle of a test, how to create test data for tests and how to make sure you cover all the execution paths of the actualizing code.

The Different Types of Tests

Intro to unit, integration and end-to-end and how to write testable code that can be isolated at the different levels.

Test Doubles

The difference between spies, mocks, stubs and fakes, and when to use which.

Test-First Techniques

The benefits of the TDD, ATDD and BDD workflows and how to practice them.

Continuous Integration & Automated Deployment

Why and how to write a build scripts, to run them on a CI server, and using branching strategies with deployment pipelines.

Day 2 - Practicing

Working with the Test Triangle

The testing triangle is a guideline, but what does it actually tell us at the implementation level?

Modeling by Example

How this method helps you speed up development whilst adhering to the testing triangle and maintaining 100% test coverage.

Writing Maintainable Executable Specifications

How to structure and organize your features, and how to create a maintainable automation layer.

Testing Best Practices

Covers how to use fixtures. page objects, subcutaneous UI testing and reusable test data.

Strategies for a Long Lasting Practice

How to use metrics like code coverage and cycolmatic complexity, and how to combine your technical testing skills with your delivery process to keep the practice going.

Fast Track Your Testing Skills

Attendees of this intensive 2-day course will attain a working knowledge that allows them to immediately start testing and to build up their skills long after the course has finished.

We are able to split the course into 4-hour sessions and spread these sessions over consecutive days. This option is especially suitable for remote web-based training.

If you are interested in attending our next course or would like us to come to your workplace, click below.