Velocity Update are no longer supporting Velocity and are handing back the responsibility of the "Official Testing Framework" to the MDG. We are proud to have given birth to Velocity and now that it has paved the way for Meteor testing and has become more mature, it needs dedicated support at the core. You can read our full Velocity announcement and retrospective here.

We will continue to push the boundaries of testing through our own endeavors, and we are currently focused on the two products below:


Our commercial cloud software that helps you deliver higher quality products, faster.
Simian gives your Product Managers and QA team a non-technical, natural language interface through which specifications can be authored, discussed and iterated, until the definition of requirements is universally agreed.  It's like Google Docs for specifications, only stored in your Git repo, under your control!

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Our open-source testing library that makes it super easy to automate end-to-end tests. Chimp is both an npm and a Meteor package and works with or without Velocity.

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Looking for Meteor Jasmine or Meteor Cucumber?

These packages are still alive and we are maintaining them the needs of our customers and our own. We will continue to share all the work we do on these packages with the open source community. You can find the documentation here:

Meteor Jasmine documentation site  

Meteor Cucumber documentation site →

Need Help With Meteor Testing?

We are the experts of Meteor testing and if you need some help or to speed things up, you should get in touch.

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