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Posting Date: April 2nd 2017 is a boutique consultancy that is working on some innovative software delivery techniques and tools that leave traditional Agile teams in the dust.

Whilst there are many teams that produce high quality software, and many teams that deliver software at high speed, there are far fewer teams that can produce high quality at high speed and this is what we specialize in.

We are currently working with a cross-functional team within an enterprise. Your role is to coach the cross-functional team that integrates with the rest of the enterprise. The role includes but is not limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Training the team to run discovery sessions
  • Encouraging better story-writing through collaboration
  • Guiding the team to become consistent, predictable and self-managing
  • Coaching the team to write concise and unambiguous stories and acceptance criteria
  • Increasing feedback loops through visibility, communication and collaboration
  • Helping slice large “non-sliceable” scopes into more predictable chunks of work
  • Helping the team optimize the flow of work over the utilization of people

Depending on your technical abilities, your responsibilities might also include:

  • Assisting with software architecture decisions that impact quality and throughput
  • Helping developers with automated testing techniques
  • Helping produce continuous delivery / deployment pipelines with high feedback

This role is remote with regular travel involved to the US. International applicants are accepted as long as they are able to be avaialble in the Eastern US timezone.

As with all employment opportunities, a two-way match is required. So if the above sounds interesting to you then please respond using the form below.

Upon reviewing this exchange of information we will know if we are a match, and we can progress to a face-to-face interview.

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