Flexible Consulting to help you deliver, Faster.

You have a great product or service but you’re not able to keep up the delivery pace.

You may be suffering from one or more of these symptoms:

  • You are overcommiting with your plans
  • Feature development takes too long and is rarely right the first time
  • Regression test cycles are delaying your release
  • Some bugs just keep coming back
  • Your releases are often late or missed
  • There are frequent “unforeseen” deployment issues
  • Your team is busy but the output is low

Or perhaps you are not even sure what’s slowing you down!

We can find and fix it.

We’ll help you build a business-focused delivery strategy that will sustainably increase the productivity of your entire team and give you confidence in your releases.

How we do it


  • We start by following the work end-to-end
  • We analyze and map your overall delivery system
  • We baseline your system’s key delivery metrics


  • We automate the collection and publication of metrics to make you metrics-driven
  • We identify problems specific to your delivery system and address them with proven solutions
  • We apply our knowledge of what works and create a low-disruption enablement roadmap
  • We help you get the most out of your existing tools and systems by making them work for you
  • We use a combination of industry standard tools and our own open-source and commercial products to help you deliver


  • We suggest techniques and tools that help you increase productivity while maintaining speed and stability
  • We teach you the enablement process so you can continually improve going forward

How we can partner with you

  • We are always happy to talk with for free by phone or video call to understand your needs and see if we can help. Just contact us to request a call.
  • We are happy to configure both hours per week and duration of agreement to fit your needs and budget
  • We always aim to enable and hand-back capability to your team as soon as possible

If you are less than 100% confident that you will deliver, we should talk.